Calling all kids, athletes & techies!

Time for Scoliosis check ups

FREE Spinal Exams*

for your kids!

Chiropractic Benefits for

Kids & Teens:

~Improved sleeping

~Improved immune system function

~Improved balance and coordination

~Improved behavior & attitude

~take less meds

~reduces frequency and severity of many sports related injuries

Got Growing Athletes?

We recommend regular checkups for athletes to maintain proper spinal and extremity alignment and mobility, as well as proper nervous system function.

The result is optimal mobility, accuracy and precision with very specific athletic movements, maximizing athletic ability and preventing injuries. Many children are unaware of spinal misalignment and mobility problems because they are not in pain. It is well worth having your children examined

by a chiropractor for those reasons.

Surely, Aaron Rodgers of the Greenbay Packers can attest to that! His dad is a Chiropractor!

If your child is experiencing severe or chronic pain that just won't go away,

or can't be explained,

schedule an exam today!

*does not include treatment, medicare rules apply